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Welcome, we hope you have found an photo you like. 
Within our shopping cart are options to print your selected image on every thing from flat Aluminum (the most vibrant printing technology today) to a shower curtain to a Duvet cover (Blanket) to Yoga Mats to coffee cups and about 10 other options. 
Just start by clicking on the photo of your choice. 
Along the right hand side are all the different types of printable products. 
Click any one of those drop down arrows on the right side.  For instance click wall art.  Select metal print (it’s Aluminum!). Choose the size you desire. 
And click add to cart. 
You can add other product of the same photo if you like. 
When ready, go to the cart and check out.  Most products will be at your door step in under 10 days. 
Thank you,
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