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 About me

I grew up in Mill Valley California in the 60’s and 70’s.  As a child, I would rise early and sit alone near the heat register looking out a large picture widow at the beautiful wooded hills, usually with a National Geographic in hand. I was fascinated by all of the wonders of the world, and dreamed of travelling and taking these fabulous pictures if only I could be a good enough photographer.  Our family travelled in the Western United States, and I was able to see many beautiful landscapes. Our trips to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Mexico, Crater Lake inspired me to capture these vistas as photographs so I could continue to enjoying the thrill of seeing such incredible beauty.

Later I began going on extended backpacking trips in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, and rented my first camera to record my journeys.  I considered studying photography and asked the salesman at the photo shop for guidance since he had seen some of my enlarged prints. And to my surprise he stated that I was doing well and to keep taking pictures.  My first Camera was a Pentax K10 Super and armed with Kodachrome 64. I was in my element. After compiling a few nice photos, I put together a slide show, and received a standing ovation from a presentation at the local Rotary Club.

Alaska called me and I was off on my great adventure, however life’s challenges kept me from picking up my camera for many years.  After Retirement and the passing of my dear wife, I renewed my interest in photography and purchased a new Nikon and now the sky is the limit. I began to perfect my skills, taking part in classes and seminars with much time in the field and tens of thousands of images. I now consider myself a professional photographer.  Maybe not a National Geographic Photographer, but moving toward being the very best I can be.

While photographing in Yosemite, while on the top of El Captain, overlooking the Yosemite Valley heard this soft still voice say; “Take Pictures and share them with the people of the world that they might preserve her pristine beauty for future generations to appreciate.

Behind the camera, I completely lose myself in the moment, and I remember that soft still voice; “Share the Beauty with the World”, I hope my work will inspire us to do simple things, picking up a piece of trash, or living a simpler and lower impact lifestyle more compatible with preserving the natural beauty of the world.

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